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Secondary Frame (Wall Frame) and Frame: are the two metal profile of the structure which fixes the door to the wall. These are mead of steel plate 2 mm, joined one to the other by from more adjustable points of anchorage and fixed to the wall through 8 steel clamps.
For granting resistance to corrosion those are protected by a layer of high resistance polyester grains varnish, in dark brown colour.

Door Structure: it is made of galvanised steel reinforced by 2 vertical omegas and by 3 horizontal omegas, thick. 2 mm.
Accordingly to the door models, the door structure can be insulated, for rendering it sounds and external temperatures resistant and strengthened by a double steel plate for improving the already high mechanical characteristics.

Adjustable Hinges: in very high resistance carbon steel, with pivot in steel sphere, which allow the setting of the door with light movements either in vertical, either in horizontal direction, acting on the screws lodged on the same hinge.

Fixed Bolts: these are 6 in galvanised steel, 18 mm width and 25 mm length, lodged on the hinges side which allow to form an unique body though the movable door, frame and wall frame.

Locks: According to models, the locks are available in DOUBLE BIT, either in traditions as with interchangeable Nucleus, Locks predisposed for the European Cylinder and Double Locks, Double-bit with European Cylinder and Double European Cylinder.
The European Cylinders can be selected from our catalogue.
As option, in addition, electric devices for distance opening door or fingerprints reader and electro motorized locks can be selected.

Deviators: These can be single or double, both realized in high resistance steel.
The deviators have a diameter of 18 mm and length 130 mm for better been fixed to the door and to the frame.

Frames for Panel Holding: The steel for holding the panels can be realized in a decorative finishing only thanks to the technology of “multi process profile”, which can remodel the steel and obtain an holding panel frame with an unique design, with the appearance of a wooden frame, which confer to “Ferwall” doors, resistance and elegance.
Under demand, frames can be realized in colours combined with the chosen wooden panels.

Finishing Panels:
Security doors can be customised thanks to a wide panels range made of 11 collections, 96 different models, combined to different colours, reaching a wide panels choice for any door dimensions.

Handles: door can be provided with standard handle in Bronzed Aluminium, or it can be customised by choosing from our catalogue handles and knobs wither in Silver Aluminium, either in Glossy Brass or Chrome Satin Brass or Chrome Glossy Brass.

Wide-angle spyhole:
spyhole at 200°.