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1. Remove the door form the frame.

2. Insert the frame into the wall frame.

3. Insert the door in the frame after having inserted the proper pivots with spheres and gaskets in the frame hinges. After having inserted the door, please checj that the side will adhere perfectly to the wall frame, otherwise loose the screwswhere the difference is, and move the frame towards the door.

4. Activate the lock by setting off all the turns, in case the door is high or low in comparison to the floor, you can adjust the hinges by working on the internal screw, with the exagonal key 8. Besides if you need to move the door towards right or left, you can work on the sc rews opposite to the fixed hinge of the frame with exagonal key of 6.

5. Once the regulation is ultimate, block all screws, in case of further problems, it is possible to work on regulating screws of the spring lock, at the inside of the frame in correspondance of the same.