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Terms and conditions of the guarantee


The Company Metalsud of Lo Gatto S.a.s. was born in 1963. Over the years it has always worked to ensure that his products were a guarantee of quality and technology, arriving in 2002 to implement a quality system and certification UNI EN ISO 9001-2008. The experience also in the segment of technical closures has led the company to venture in 1995, the production of security for external doors. To meet the growing demand of its customers, has established, at last, a new company division, with the task of implementing the line of production subframe for sliding doors.

1.1. Guarantee integrity

Metalsud of Lo Gatto s.a.s. has always believed that the information was crucial to the consumer as well as the transparency and the protection of users' rights.

To this end, it is committed in time:

- tighten special agreements with its dealers, in order to provide customers with greater temporal coverage than the warranty on your products

- receive a free replacement product under the conditions set out below in case the buyer, at first examination after opening the packaging, should establish the existence of a defect, and Metalsud s.a.s., it should verify the existence.


As is well known, Articles. 128-135 of the Consumer Code, preparing new protections for consumers as regards the guarantees relating to the sale of consumer goods, or of any movables even to assemble, with the exception of assets subject to forced sale, water and gas (when not put up for sale), electricity. The provisions of the amended Consumer Code, apply only to the protection of individuals who, in contracts of sale (but also of exchange, administration, procurement, construction or intended to supply of consumer goods to be manufactured or produced), acting on purposes unrelated to any business or professional activity.

2.1 Property and extension of the guarantee period

Metalsud Lo Gatto s.a.s., strong to the high quality of the products is able to guarantee greater extent than is required even in the amended Consumer Code, so as to extend to 10 years the coverage of this warranty with respect to:


Internal Structure: 10 YEARS

Against sagging or deformation of the structure (shroud)

Frame and subframe: 10 YEARS

Against sagging or deformation of the uprights

Interior and exterior panel series PRESTIGE: 10 YEARS

Against any defect in water painting ADLER which have been carried out all the necessary operations and maintenance for which instructions have been adhered to installation and / or maintenance.


Components of interior subframes: 10 YEARS

The structure of subframe is not subject to "rust" for the entire life of the product

If the product does not have the characteristics of term indicated above, Metalsud Lo Gatto s.a.s., after verification of the existence of the defect, we will replace the defective parts free of charge to the conditions listed in the "warranty period" under the following conditions:

On penalty of the buyer must:

(i) to report in writing, by means of a registered letter RR: Metalsud of Lo Gatto s.a.s. Via Nazionale, 185, 89851 Ionadi (VV), within twenty days after discovery of the defect. (Ii)

(ii) Lo Gatto Metalsud s.a.s. after verification of the existence of the defect, the inexistence of responsibility to other factors not related to the product and poor maintenance or installation or use and upon presentation of a copy of the warranty card including receipt or invoice by the consumer will only to the replacement of defective parts in a way that the company itself will inform the buyer.

(iii) The costs of call Metalsud of Lo Gatto s.a.s., sending defective parts or installation thereof shall be borne by the buyer.

2.2 How do I activate the guarantee

Penalty of forfeiture of the warranty, the customer will keep the original copy of the warranty card inserted into packaging products METALSUD s.a.s., as evidenced by the receipt or invoice.


Metalsud of Lo Gatto s.a.s. according to the new system of legal guarantees, which does not affect the rules in the Civil Code relating to the sale, and in particular, art. 1490, concerning the liability for defects of the thing sold, remember that:

• Metalsud of Lo Gatto s.a.s. is liable for any lack of conformity of the security door to the contract at the time of delivery;

• the lack of conformity resulting from incorrect installation product is equivalent to lack of conformity when the installation is included in the sales contract and was made by the seller under its responsibility, the equation also applies when the product is intended to be installed by the consumer, in the event of incorrect installation by the same, to a lack of instructions enclosed with the product;

• Metalsud is responsible when the defect becomes apparent within two years as from delivery of the goods (for used goods is permitted to limit the warranty to one year)

• The consumer of the guarantee fails to notify the Retailer or to the lack of conformity within Metalsud within 5 days of delivery of the Products in the case of obvious defects, or within 8 days of the discovery, in the case of visible defects or non-detectable by a person of average diligence (unless the seller has not recognized the 'existence of the defect or has not concealed).

If the consumer has directly affected the Retailer, after verification of the existence of the defect, the exclusion of third party liability and upon presentation of a copy of the certificate of guarantee from the buyer under penalty of forfeiture, will replace immediate guarantee of the product or replace the product within the delivery times indicated on the product list FERWALL.

• The cost of calls to the dealer and installation of the product shall be borne by the consumer.

In the event that the consumer wishes also go directly to METALSUD s.a.s., the procedures and time limits for the yield of the product are given in Section 9 of the general conditions of sale included in paper format, in any package and / or can be downloaded in electronic format, on the site The request must be received by the user, by completing the module, as shown in paper format within each package, and / or can be downloaded in electronic form from the dedicated section of the website:

The Metalsud within eight days of receipt of notification from the retailer or the consumer is required to verify the case, taking the appropriate decisions regarding the required repairs and / or replacement of good.

It should be noted:

  • legal action to enforce defects fraudulently concealed from Metalsud shall expire 26 months from delivery of the goods;
  • is no any agreement aimed at excluding or limiting the rights granted to the consumer;
  • in the event of lack of conformity Metalsud recognizes the consumer the right: a) to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement (at your option, unless the remedy sought is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other and still limited to a maximum amount equal to the value of Products which are defective or faulty), b) a reduction of price or rescission of the contract (if the repair and replacement are impossible or excessively expensive, if Metalsud could not undertake the repair or replacement within a reasonable time, if replacement or repair carried out previously have caused significant inconvenience to the consumer).


Metalsud, in the case of liability of the consumer arising from a lack of conformity is attributable to any act or omission by the producer, a previous seller in the same chain distribution contract or any intermediary, has the right of recourse, except contrary agreement or waiver in respect of the subject responsible for part of this supply chain.

For the purposes of the effective date of the legal guarantee, the consumer shall be entitled to require from the seller that the METALSUD s.a.s. within two years from the delivery of the purchased goods, you must return the form in the space provided for restitution, the numeric code (serial number) or on the packaging, or on top of the frame to the door post Panel registration.


For guarantee as stated in the template, is excluded:

• any damage due to transport or loading/unloading of goods on behalf of the customer;

• any damage resulting from exposure of the product in places unsuitable environmental conditions;

• a direct consequence of actions not performed according to the guidelines of the manufacturer, or for changes made to this not provided;

• damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper handling or use, accident or force majeure;

• any consequence attributable not to the production stage.

• non-compliance prescribed in terms of installation (both with regard to the material used which detailed rules thereof)

i.e.: installation not in workmanlike manner and without observing the mounting instructions attached to and included in the product packaging, or in the case of installation using materials other than those specified in the installation manual.

For another information please note that the consumer protection rules are more widely available from the section on "consumer sales" contained in the "Consumer Code" (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206) whose provisions are also available online at in the area dedicated to quality.


Please attention: after purchase, keep this warranty card together with the invoice or proof of purchase of the product issued by the dealer or directly from s.a.s METALSUD.



Metalsud Lo Gatto S.a.s. was established in 1963 as technical closing systems producer. The experience within the years has lead the company to enter with success in the security doors market...



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