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Ferwall has made Security one of its strength point, in order to obtain with the years prestigious Certification and relevant acknowledgment. In details, Ferwall quality is granted by ISO 9001 Vision 2000 Certificate, following which each out coming door is tested and controlled with accuracy. Main guarantee is provide by the respect of ENV1627-28-29-30 rules, which demand to pass severe destructions tests on prototype doors, by a recognised laboratory. Besides the Company has gained UNI EN ISO 14001 Certification, for the environment respect.


In order to define a “safe” door, it is necessary that the doors is submitted to European UNI ENV 1627-1628-1629-1630 rules, which define the resistance “class” of a security door, with the aim to protect from breaking and entering attempt. The door is subjected at first to crash and compression similar to a breaking action, then to a real entering attempt from a specialized technician. Accordingly to the used tools and to the time of door’s resistance to braking, a Class level is assigned. The Higher the Class is, the higher is the door resistance. Ferwall doors are planned and produced for resisting to “Class 2, 3 and 4”.



Metalsud Lo Gatto S.a.s. was established in 1963 as technical closing systems producer. The experience within the years has lead the company to enter with success in the security doors market...


Style and design

Produced in Italy, Ferwall Security doors are different for the style and world recognised Italian made Design...