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fire resistance

noise reduction

thermal transmittance

water tightness

burglar resistance

wind resistance

permeability to air

* with aluminum threshold.


The TOP FIRE is the ideal combination between safety and design. Sturdiness is guaranteed from the structure realized in double galvanized plate strengthened with 3 vertical omegas and 3 horizontal of thickness 2 mm.
Besides the high resistance, this model is appreciated because it is completely insulated with particular materials that confer elevated characteristics of resistance to fire and to external sounds. The design is highlighted with stately wooden frames that surround the whole door profile, giving characteristics of elegance.
This line is available in the TOP FIRE NORMAL versions, with double bit lock and TOP FIRE EUROPA, that adopts the safest and comfortable lock with European Cylinder.
All the models are available in the standard version and, if required, can also be produced with custom dimensions and equipped with many optional, among which all kinds of lock. Safety is guaranteed from the 8 mobile points of closing, from the 6 fixed bolts that anchor it to the frame and from the 3 high resistance hinges.
The door TOP FIRE has been subjected to the tests of heavy push resistance in accordance to the standards UNI ENV 1627-1630 and is resistant up to “Class 3”, and to the test CE EN 14351-1
This model has passed the Laboratory test accordingly to rules UNI EN 1634-1 by LAPI Institute Italy, reaching the EI2 60 - EI1 30.