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The Ferwall range doors can be customised thanks to a wide choice of panels which decorate and finish the door rending it unique and personalized. More than 11 collections, 96 different panels are available, which combined to different available colours and materials give a wide choice.


Even ALSO for the new laws that protect the consumer, it was added an ad hoc section referred to the cleaning of security doors for external: products and methods. The section is also present in the operating and maintenance manual of our security doors, in compliance with the legal obligation that requie to accompany all the personalty of consumption so that inform the user about what to do and use. The diversity of materials with which they are built panels of doors, to impose seller and the company increased production of specific preparation. This preparation is necessary not only for Keeps the panels of the doors but because many products in free trade advertised on TV and in newspapers, often end for damage to the artiche and are likely to pollute the environment. Now do the household cleaning involves a real chimica warfare in minus. The set of all these toxic agents causes at home the so-called indoor pollution that experts called “sick building syndrome” that means syndrome of a home sick. Certainly the dirt disappears, but the solvents evaporate and then penetrate everywhere. To recognize the different types of dirt allows to use the most suitable type of product on the basis two objective differences: the dirty grease can only be removed with detergents basic (or alkaline); dry dirt can be removed only with acidic cleaners. The distinction between acid products, basic and neutral is given by Ph. To clean, first there is the initial cleaning, that normally performs the laying. In the second phase of that normally is defined as normal clearing materials according to de Some measures should be adopted. In all cases clean wing “weekly” door, will consist simply a good dusting with a soft cloth or a feather from the hair thick and resistant. Some warnings are always underlined: before starting the cleaning of the frames and the door frames on the floor lay a sheet plastic or some old newspaper for not wet the floor; remember that the doors must be washed from bottom up and rinsed the contrary; Do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents with high aggression, or underwires that may damage the color or the surface of the window, its accessories and/or of glass.


Moving on to the woodwork needs to be done a clear distinction between those of wood and glazed those of polished wood. Generally, wooden frames are glazed bright colors, easy to get dirty. In this case is They should be cleaned with a chamois just moist, insisting on the most stained and dirty. For stubborn dirt instead be advisable to wash the windows and doors with a rag soaked in water and ammonia (one tablespoon of ammonia per liter of water about three) and dry immediately with a clean, lint possibly with a chamois leather. If the ports are particularly dirty, wash them with necessary water and soap (90% and 10% as a percentage) or with a special detergent which is located in any market or hardware store. In this case must wipe with a rag and water. Avoid use of soda and water is too hot not to sciupar the paint. To keep bright and clean cutters of the panel, where it was pantographed panels transparencies simply dust them vigorously with a very soft flannel cloth, having care to dislodge dust from the corners with a brush a long, soft bristles. Especially if the doors are new or recently polished, you better not be relied on to accentuate the gloss paints and preparations on the market: you might cover with a layer very then difficult to remove. If there was the dark wood some stain reluctant to disappear, you must try to wipe it off with a rag soaked in red oil furniture polish and then the surface with a clean flannel cloth. At intervals of few years (we recommend every three years) will trust appropriate to the task of a polisher panels to give back the lost splendor through the phase called “refreshing”


Also the aluminum panels are easy to clean and require little time. To clean the inside and outside product you can use warm water with a neutral creamy soap-type To obtain a better result can be dry with a soft,hairy. Stubborn dirt can be removed with detergents tensiativi contain non-ionic surfactants, phosphonates type robbers domestic commonly for sale. In this case must leave on for about 30 seconds and then wipe with a sponge or soft cloth. Well to clean the aluminum panels can be used steam engines, trying to use the jet at a distance varying from 30 to 40 cm. Needs to be done attention to the winter months when the temperature outside is below 0, to avoid breaking the glass thermal shock


To make it shiny and polished louvres glass doors There are different methods, from traditional to more modern. With classical methods stubborn dirt can be removed with a rag soaked in alcohol, while for make them clean and free of halos can be used the water mixed with white vinegar or ammonia that as well as make them shiny injection. After dry with the chamois leather or cloth clean. Wanting to use more modern methods are the most suitable commercially available products, to be sprayed directly on the glass and wipe with a dry cloth or a chamois. Who wants to save time and effort can be used to Special cloths cellulose expressly designed to clean glass, wash and dry simultaneously. But beware, before cleaning glasses to remember that: should not be washed when they are illuminated and heated by the sun because it would remain streaked with reflections bluish; - Before washing should always dust them otherwise the powder, in contact with the wet cloth, adheres more to make it difficult to clean glass.