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The quintessential of custodian. In the robotics era (smart management and computerized house) the lock can be faced to a computer, for registering all the opening and closing operation, and manage, whenever it is wanted, the events traced.
Besides the lock can be faced to an already existing alarm, or “program” the door to be opened in previously determined hours, which is a solution preferred in public places. The configuration choice are various: the single European cylinder version, the double European cylinder, one of which is a service one.
This is provided with an electronic keyboard and 3 trasponder which allow the opening without the key. Thanks to the data transmission system CAN-BUS it is possible to control at distance the door opening, by the use of: entry phone, button or remote controls, such as the burglar proof one. By connecting the modem (optional) to the CAN-BUS system, it is possible to open the door through a mobile phone or computer connected to internet, and also verifying the closing and opening at distance on screen.